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Stop Corporate Gorillas From Stealing Your Business

Branding and strategy for local business growth


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About Brian Francoeur

Founder and CEO, Web Sapient LLC

Brian Francoeur



As a child,  I identified with underdog characters like the Karate Kid. I couldn’t help getting emotional when he got defeated then came back and beat Daniel, the teenage punk.

I still tear up when I see the underdog win in real life or in the movies.

What’s that got to do with WebSapient?


In a world full of corporate gorillas, small business owners are the underdogs. As the owner of a small business myself, I know firsthand just how difficult it is to build a business, one that gives me the financial security and freedom to do the other things I love, like play music or prepare a culinary delight for family and friends.

You probably would like to build your business to the level where you can spend more time with your family and doing the things you love, too.

This is why WebSapient partners with local business owners like you to help grow your business in a way that frees you to live your dream life now.


How We Help You Grow Your Business

WebSapient partners with you to learn about your business, your values, and what’s unique about what you offer. We work together to create:

  • Your Brand Identity
  • Brand Story
  • Business values
  • Vision 
  • Mission Statement

We build a strategy around your brand that includes a holistic business solution we implement for you. 



We create a strategy based on your brand.

Web Design and Development

Your website is designed, built, and connected to everything necessary to drive online growth for your business.

Monthly Plans

Our monthly plans are affordable and tailored to cover all of your digital strategy needs.

Frustration + Effective Strategy = Inspiration

With the clarity of branding and effective strategy, your frustration is translated into inspiration. The passion you lost years ago is sparked anew. You feel new energy that motivates you to try new things and give this whole internet thing a real chance. This is what WebSapient is all about — re-igniting your lost passion with clarity and a newly felt sense of purpose for your business. 

You Are Your Brand

Most small business owners believe that their customers love them for what they offer. What you may not realize is that your customers love you. They love what makes you unique. What we do is identify what makes you unique and build your brand around it. We then build a strategy around your brand, one that uses the same proven methods that helped WalMart, Amazon, and other multinational corporations grow to their current size. 

What Sets Us Apart

At WebSapient, we aren’t just another marketing agency or web design shop. We’re a team of passionate, quirky people who love to help small businesses grow in a challenging world that’s dominated by huge corporations. 

We’re here to sing your song to your local community with a strong, clear voice that rises above the noise of our leviathan competitors.

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